Seagrass beds ecosystem

Seagrass beds ecosystem Seagrass is the higher plant with roots, branches, leaves, flowers and seeds. Seagrasses have long and green leaves, often confused with seaweed. Actually, they have more closely related to terrestrial flowering plants. They developed about 100 million years ago and currently have about 72 different seagrass species belonging to the four main […]

What can you do to reduce marine debris?

Marine deris, especially plastic waste, is a serious threat to our oceans and planets. Every year, about 10 million tons of garbage is dumped into the sea, which is equivalent to having 1 truck dump every minute or 400 kg of garbage thrown into the ocean every second. Huge amounts of waste kill millions of […]

Coral reef ecosystems

Coral reefs – undersea forests In many tropical waters, there are forests formed from special animals – they are corals. This is the ecosystem considered as the highest productivity on biology and the most amazing in the ocean. Coral reef in My Hoa- Ninh Hai- Ninh Thuan What are corals? Although the corals look like […]

Manggrove forest

Manggrove forest Mangrove forests are known as a type of forest that is submerged in salt or brackish waters due to the impact of tides but they will not tolerate the regular flooding. They will die when be flooded continuously. Mangrove forests are the special forests in the estuaries and coastal areas of tropical and […]