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Spotted seal

On May 21, 1998, and June 17, 1998, two Spotted Seals were caught respectively in Quang Ngai (on the left) and Quang Binh (on the right), Vietnam’s waters. Although Spotted Seals have not been reported to inhabit the tropical waters of Vietnam, some individuals have been caught in the coastal region of Central Vietnam since 1998, following the regular North-South ocean currents from the North and getting lost. Currently, there have been records of 7 individuals appearing in Vietnam. Spotted Seals, with flippers shaped like paddles, are amphibious animals with light-colored fur and numerous prominent dark-colored spots. The spots are about 1-2 cm in size and arranged in parallel lines running along their bodies. Additionally, bright rings or streaks surround some of the spots on their bodies. Newborns have white or smoky-gray fur.